It is a joint project of action to strengthen the third sector and influence the activities that guarantee equity and social justice in the Communities of the most vulnerable sectors of Latin America and the world, acting from the internal cohesion and the common strategy.



To be the reference organization of a third sector strengthened and channel of social transformation, fruit of our actions as social agent.


Autonomy (from the co-responsibility of the entities): being the ability to acquire rules or make decisions without imposition external .


Transmitting security in the decisions, actions and lines to follow shared by all through dialogue. Rights: collaborating with proposals in favor of people, especially those with Down Syndrome and Leukemia and / or other terminal diseases, as well as those at risk of exclusion, poverty and / or social vulnerability.


As the reflection of a society based on variety and difference and a catalyst for the struggle for social rights.



Being the application of the rights and obligations of people in a fair way, regardless of the group, creed, or social class to which he belongs gives one of them. Transparency

Being our front and sincere character the attitude that awakens confidence in others.

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